Property Maintenance


Successful companies look good. They spend thousands of dollars on branding and putting forth a positive image so they look appealing to clients. The same is true for their physical locations where a clean, inviting environment is key to exuding high quality services.

With Fretto taking care of your property maintenance needs, you can concentrate your internal resources and energies on your core business. We offer a complete range of services to ensure that your buildings represent your image and welcome your clients with pride.


•Building Exterior Cleaning
•Parking Lots / Sidewalks
•Patio / Deck / Wood Renewal
•Dumpster Pads
•High Overhead Cleaning
•Graffiti Removal
•Winter Vestibule Cleaning
•Warehouse Cleaning


You pick the frequency. Based on your individual company’s needs, service frequency can be either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Multi-Level Communication:
1) New Work Order is entered into our ticketing system, scope of work is confirmed and notification of Service Date is sent to stakeholders via email.
2) On service date our Uniformed Team Leader meets with Property Manager and reviews the scope of work.
3) Safety is our top priority. Work areas are properly marked and pedestrian/vehicle traffic is redirected when necessary.
4) Upon completion of services Property Manager reviews the completed project and signs Work Order.
5) Fretto’s Customer Service Representative reaches out to Property Manager immediately after service to ensure customer satisfaction goals have been met.
6) Customer Service notes are entered into WO and emailed to stakeholders.
7) Signed WO is attached to invoice and emailed to Property Manager and snail mailed to corporate office.

Fretto’s online project management software keeps track of service requests/Work Orders, SOW, service dates, property location & managers. All verbal and email communication is captured and made available to all corporate representatives 24/7.

Why wait for a cleaner, more welcoming building? Call Fretto Industrial Cleaning in Troy, NY at (518) 466-6244 today.

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