Mobile Fleet Washing


We build a face to face relationship with you and become a partner who helps you save time while keeping your fleets clean and in good working order. Fretto uses 100% green, DOT endorsed cleaning products which eliminates road grime and contains an anti-stick agent that slows down dirt accumulation in between washes.

You pick the frequency. Based on your individual company’s needs, washing frequency can be either weekly, or bi-weekly on a set day each time. During the washing service our experienced Technicians soap, brush and hot rinse each vehicle and keep track of ID numbers.

Our Team is trained to watch for maintenance issues like cracked mirrors, broken brake/tail lights, etc. and will log any issues.

Service Tracking & Reporting:
Fretto uses an online ticketing system to keep track of service dates, vehicle ID numbers, and applicable maintenance notes. Fleet Managers can access service records online 24/7. In addition, all invoices include itemized vehicle ID numbers to help with your tracking process.

Waste Water Recovery:
Our waste water recycling technology allows us to vacuum the run-off water, clean and re-use the water. Our Team arrives with 600 gallons of water. Our equipment vacuums the run-off water, cleans it, and reuses the water through the dual lances. So! We bring our own water. Recapture and clean it. And re-use it. Eliminating the need to tap a water source at your location. Easy!


• Dump Trucks
• Box Trucks
• Bucket Trucks
• Concrete / Boom Trucks
• Delivery Trucks
• School Buses
• Service Vehicles
• Tractor Trailers
• Garbage Trucks

Why wait for a cleaner, more professional fleet? Call Fretto Industrial Cleaning in Troy, NY at (518) 466-6244 today.

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