Masonry Cleaning


Brick and stone cleaning is an integral part of restoring vintage and historic buildings. Stunning improvements in aesthetics can be achieved when the selected design features, colors and textures of original masonry surfaces are revealed again through the masonry cleaning and sealing process. Many older buildings incorporate several different masonry materials in their construction, and Fretto uses Diedrich’s specialized cleaners for each challenge.

Project Management Based Service Delivery:
Fretto understands the importance of being a responsible and reliable subcontractor who works in unison with multiple vendors on large-scale projects. Our Project Management Team attends Pre Bid Meetings and maintains the scope of work, ensuring our work is completed to spec and within the overall project schedule. Also, our online project management tool gives your project managers the ability to check on our progress 24/7.


• Stone
• Brick
• Architectural Terra Cotta
• Cast Stone
• Concrete

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