August 2017: The eRailSafe program is the railroad industry’s standard for screening contractors, both pre-employment and at times during employment. Fretto Industrial Cleaning is proud to be eRailSafe certified, ensuring safety and security to the railroad and our employees. We passed the Criminal Background Check and Safety Awareness & Testing to obtain the eRailSafe badging that we are happy to have. Not only do we have the training on how to work on the rails, and understanding the functions of the tracks, but we also have the state of the art equipment to do so as well.

On the job, we are responsible for cleaning railroad heavy equipment at a various of locations along the North-East railways. We preform water reclamation, recovery, filtration, and steam cleaning using our industry leading technology. Not only are we highly trained, but we provide excellent service and ensure that we are professionally uniformed and observed all required OSHA and PPE Safety protocols. Give us a call today for a free estimate (518) 466-6244!