COVID-19 Disinfection Service Amsterdam NY


    • Business Owners

    • Commercial Property Managers

    • School Superintendents

    • Nursing Home Administrators

    • Religious Institution Leaders

    • All decision makers wanting to keep staff and customers safe

To help our clients and community we have enhanced our well-known and respected cleaning services to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Joe Monahan, a retired Internal Medicine practitioner and researcher recently joined our team to give us the scientific knowledge and expertise needed to help keep our clients and their customers safe.

Our COVID-19 Disinfection Service treats all areas and frequently touched surfaces in our client’s facilities. Under CDC Guidelines and using EPA registered anti-viral products that kill bacterial and inactivate viruses, we offer our clients the comfort of knowing that efforts are in place to help keep everyone safe from exposure to COVID-19.

Our professionally trained and certified staff is here to help you get back to work!

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